Association Assessments: $300 per year... Invoices are mailed annually. If you are past due on your homeowners' account, please contact Angela Poole, ITHA Treasurer,  about reconciling your account immediately to avoid fees and/or liens on your property. It is imperative that everyone pay their assessments, not just your neighbors! THANK YOU!


Automatic Draft (SEE LINK BELOW): If you are interested in signing up for automatic monthly drafts to pay on your ITHA Homeowners Assessments, please contact Angela Poole, Treasurer. All you need is a voided check and one form to fill out! 


Automatic Bank Draft Form


The following is a brief summary of what your Homeowners’ assessments go toward.


*Ground maintenance. This is our biggest yearly expense. It is the Association’s responsibility to keep up with this common area and its surroundings.

*Utilities (water, gas/electricity).

*Postage and printing which includes billing, newsletter and office expenses.

*Property Insurance & Taxes.

*Special events such as Family Day activities and food, ads for garage sale…

*Neighborhood Enhancement. Anything that betters the look and appeal of our neighborhood.

*Legal. Includes making sure that your neighbors are also paying assessments.


After paying the above expenses, the Board will recognize other needs or wants generated in the neighborhood.