Below are some of the more frequently asked questions. A link to the full covenants can be found at the bottom of this page.

Any questions or concerns can be made to the ITHA in writing at P.O. Box 23, Clinton, MS 39060 or by email:

Homeowner Assessments: Paid annually (due Jan 1st) for a total of $300/year. You also have the option of setting up a monthly bank draft of $25 per month.

Family Day: A great time of food and fellowship, activities for children, the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors, usually once a year, in the spring. Please see the Upcoming Events link or the newsletter for announcements.

National Night Out: Another great opportunity to meet your neighbors and local officials, coincides with the national event, held in October.

Garage Sales: Garage Sales are NOT allowed except for the approved months of April & October. ITHA pays for advertising and it is a neighborhood wide opportunity to sell. Dates are to be determined. Please see the Upcoming Events link or the newsletter for announcements.

Walking trails/Green Space: great place to walk, jog or meet; available for birthday parties or small gatherings (ask a board member about details if you are interested in reserving this green space area)

There should be NO sheds, metal buildings in the front or side yard OR visible from any road. If you are wanting to build a shed or pool, fence....PLEASE submit a copy of your specs to the ITHA Board for approval. The covenants are VERY strict for these type accessories and fines can incur if not within covenant standards.

RVs and Trailers should not be parked for more than 72 hours in a location that is visible from the street (modified 1/12/16)

Paint schemes on homes (other than NEUTRAL colors) must be submitted for review.

Yard Maintenance is a must. Please keep your yard looking its best. This makes the whole neighborhood look great!

Pets are not allowed to roam free! Please call Animal Control at 601-924-5252 if you see stray or unleashed animals. Please pick up after your pets.

Basketball goals or other sports equipment will not be allowed in streets. Please keep them in the upright position at all times.

On-street parking for extended period of time is prohibited. Please use designated garage or driveway. (This does not prohibit short-term parking for visitors.) Any vehicle not in operating condition must be kept in garage so as not to cause or create hazard or nuisance. DO NOT PARK ON SIDEWALKS AT ANY TIME. The Clinton Police will issue tickets for improper parking.

Quiet Hours: Please be reasonable with noise! If you are disturbed by a noisy neighbor after 10pm, please call Clinton Police at 601-924-5252.

Target Practice: It is prohibited to discharge any weapon or projectile (including arrows) in the Indian Trails subdivisions, according to Clinton Municipal Code (Section 62-2).  Violators should be reported to the Clinton Police (601-924-5252).

No signs of any kind shall be placed, maintained or permitted on a lot or within any windows or on the exterior of any dwelling without approval

Remember that outside equipment should be concealed within a fence and not in FULL view of a street. Homeowners with such equipment and/or other objects considered direct view nuisance(s) (i.e. swing sets, trampolines, gardens, trash, garbage receptacles, boats, haulers, trailers...) will be contacted as soon as possible for immediate removal or correction to avoid monthly fines. Proper placement, such as the rear yard, and concealed by a FOUR sides of a SIX foot fence, should alleviate these complaints. Should you have questions about this, please refer to your covenants or contact a Board Member.

Please keep in mind that it is the Board of Directors' duty to uphold these covenants. We are not trying to "knit-pick" - just follow the guidelines set forth in the beginning of this neighborhood. We get the phone calls and letters of complaints, and try to deal with them as cordially as possible.

Please also note that there are specific requirements for placing any structure (i.e. shed/storage building, etc.) on your property, along with other restrictive covenants. Please contact the Board for further information BEFORE erecting any such structure.  You can also find specifics in your copy of our covenants.  It is the Board’s goal to maintain an attractive uniformity in our neighborhood that complies with the covenants and helps maintain our growing property values.  Please continue to make Indian Trails a wonderful place to live.

**Some items presented on this page have been adopted by the Board of Directors over the years and may not be listed in the covenants below or printed in older directories.